Collaborative Projects

Gratitude a collaboration with Susan Allen, 2009. This piece was inspired by a daily, email gratitude practice begun in 2005 and continues currently. The goal of the installation was to translate the experience of gratitude into a rich and colorful accumulation of images, thoughts and emotions which include the disappointments, the beauty and difficulties of life.

As a member of the Girl Artists.
Early on in my career I began collaborating with 4 other women as The Girl Artists. We designed gallery installations and constructed sets, costumes, sound and props for performances, using unconventional materials, traditional art making techniques and always a sense of humor.

The group performed and created installations for the Portland Art Museum, Portland Center for the Visual Arts, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Artquake, the Oregon Biennial, Evergreen State College, COCA (Seattle), Southern Exposure in San Francisco and The Women’s Building in Los Angeles. We received numerous grants from the Metropolitan Arts Commission (now RACC), the Oregon Arts Commission, the National Endowment for the Arts and private foundations.